Our method creates transparency so you know (with certainty) what happens in your business by combining necessary tools and the right data to improve decision making.

How does DETECTA work?

RGC formulated DETECTA to help companies in the healthcare services industry better manage and control processes, starting from the date of a medical incident all the way through its service, completion, conciliation, and final payment, applying the accurate analysis and best practices. Through our DETECTA model, companies achieve greater visibility in order to uncover flaws, minimize risks and avoid expenses caused by inefficiencies and lack of proper information flow.

Our process

Identify alarming inefficiencies

Diagnose risk

Implement proper controls

Adapt and innovate

Improve overall financial health

Due to the complexity of collection processes in Colombia’s health sector, it is critical to source specialized software solutions, designed and implemented by industry experts. The goal should always be to mitigate diagnosed problems.

DETECTA helps companies operate better by turning data found on paper and in many other sources into available information. This includes digitizing all of the data created by healthcare providers and other key players in order to streamline how data is structured from the beginning. All this information is later processed and analyzed in an intelligent way so that end users can properly run their operations.

Exercise control in three steps

Control through processes

Through our BPO services such as digitalization, audits, data analysis, and medical accounts control, you can have more influence over your operations using ACTIVA – our proprietary technology platform. By adapting to your needs, our software can streamline medical costs, allowing better reporting and operational effectiveness to make better management decisions.

You are efficient when you:


Control service quality via processes and justify all medical costs.


Make decisions that improve how key players service end-users in the health care system.


Optimize critical points of the operation.


Lead and establish control guidelines for the operation.


Maximize resource efficiencies regarding medical attention and overall care.

Control information in real-time

By having access to online reports about every incident, you can see in real time how your operation is fulfilling its duties, hitting key milestones, and minimizing risk based on up-to-date, reliable information.

You get visibility when you:


Have reliable information on-hand to monitor your entire business operation.


Notice trends and deviations to minimize risks and cost overruns.


Know how health providers behave, treat diseases and monitor accident rates.


Achieve automated data integration all within the same platform.

Control through goals

Based on the reports and key data points that affect your business operation, we help you optimize your processes and improve results by establishing actions that help you achieve goals regarding quality service and risk management. Following data analysis, it’s possible to audit and apply our best practices and recommendations.

You achieve greater performance when you:


Get indicators on productivity, efficiency, profitability and medical costs reduction. 


Make immediate decisions to improve results.


Yield greater profits after lowering costs and maximizing investments.


Identify where to apply promotions and prevention actions. 


Balance operational reality and disease management.


Improve financial resources management.

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