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We help you run better by improving your processes.

We identify valuable data, organize it, and then make it accessible to give you a competitive advantage.

We reduce the impact poor data management can have on your business.

Our experience in data analysis allows us to diagnose inefficiencies that affect your ability to maximize your resources.

We specialize in helping you implement action plans that optimize how you run your business.

Effective use of resources and proper risk management can dramatically improve your services by strengthening your relationship with suppliers and end-users.

We help you control risk by optimizing business operations.

Our powerful software platform helps to audit your data and then converts it into business intelligence so you can make strategic decisions in real time.

We all put DETECTA into practice

Learn how our clients and industry experts have achieved a clear view of their processes by implementing our philosophy.


Health, ARL and Client Service Director AXA COLPATRIA Testimonial


SOAT Manager SURA Testimonial


Doctor in Health Economics Health System of Colombia Expert Specialized consultant

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